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NIH Early Independence Awards


The NIH Director's Office initiated a prestigious new grant program in 2011, known as the Early Independence Award (EIA), which is designed to support talented new Ph.D.s and M.D.s who have the intellect, scientific creativity, drive and maturity to flourish independently without the need for traditional post-doctoral training. These are highly competitive grants, with only about 10-15 awards made per year. UCSF Sandler Fellows match the criteria and goals of the EIA program extremely well, and we are pleased to announce that several of our Fellows have been selected for these distinguished grants.


Congratulations to:





James Fraser, 2011 recipient









Matt Thomson, 2012 recipient








Saul Villeda, 2012 recipient









Lei (Stanley) Qi, 2013 recipient





David Weinberg, 2013 recipient

Robert Judson, 2014 recipient








Joe Bondy-Denomy, 2015 recipient








 Matthew Spitzer, 2016 recipient










 Kevin Yackle, 2016 recipient






List of all Early Independence Award Recipients